Teaching Portfolio

Feedback to Student Writing

An Introduction to Student Feedback

Below you will find links to student writing which were turned in during the Fall 2017 semester. In responding to student writing, I try to point out one or two elements where the student writing was strong or showed promise, the area on the paper that could be improved to the greatest impact on the strength of the paper, and a constructive overview of the work as a whole.
After students have submitted a paper and received both a grade and my feedback, students then have the opportunity to revise and resubmit any assignment for a revised grade. I do this to stress revision as part of the writing process. While I did not require students to submit a revision for a re-grade, most students took advantage of the opportunity at least once. As a whole, students who submitted a revised paper submitted a substantially stronger writing sample.
Due to the confidential nature of student grades and the potential issues surrounding publicly releasing work that does not belong to me, identifying information about students has been redacted, and the files themselves are marked private in my Google Drive.